*A Message found around the city*

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*A Message found around the city* Empty *A Message found around the city*

Post  Kakashi on Crack on Thu Aug 11, 2011 3:52 pm

*A message would begin to appear around the boarded home and surrounding area, it would be duely noted that they seem to pop up in different places slightly after midnight*

Civility; this word is an interesting one, as civility will never be used unless one is rewarded for it. For a long time, these lands have only been as civilized as those who wish to promote it, and for them, the act tends to leave them injured, weak. The laws are formed by those with power, the rule of the land lies not in whom is civilized, but whom wields the largest weapon, whom wields the most deadly spell, the largest numbers.

Order is the result of civility, the reward that most all reap, order and safety. The side effect, of course, is law.

My fellow Sirandans, I believe now, in these uncivilized lands, is the time to reform that which was lost in the creation of the undead, for it is with order that more will reap the benefits of this world, the bounty of the land and the protection from the undead. I suggest a meeting of the minds to discuss the future of what remnants of civilization remain before this domain is thrown into a cataclysmic spiral. I suggest, the reformation and usage of the guard's post, and the setting in stone of a code within this land so that we might once again see the rewards of civlization. For when once again we act as civil beings, then we act as one, and can push back that which is the nemesis of all who enter this domain, to reform that which was lost to us by the undead horde. Civilization might then, once again spread from the docks, to the city, to the forest and beyond. A reformation of life, not in the old ways, but in a new way, the way of the future in which we are free of the burdens that haunt our pasts. Where children might once again walk the streets without fear of being struck down by the horde. Where the strong are loyal to order, and praised for their dedication rather than feared. Where there -is- a future, rather than an end.

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*A Message found around the city* Empty Re: *A Message found around the city*

Post  Fox on Thu Aug 11, 2011 8:32 pm

A darkly robed figure might, or might not, have been seen drifting about the streets, branding the notices with a simple icon.

The symbol of the Dark Sun obscures the writing, preventing it from being read.

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