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Post  Kakashi on Crack on Tue Aug 16, 2011 4:28 pm

The following is my own opinion:

So I've been looking at items IG, and clerics, and...

How do we determine how many spells a cleric recieves?

I've always looked at it personally as cleric spells being a "divine favor" of sorts in which the divine (or infernal) entity in question gives one the ability to cast a number of "prayers" (spells) per day. With wisdom being the determining factor for this number of prayer-based spells because it determines the cleric's willpower to use the divine energies and at the same time wisdom shows the divine entity that their medium is competent to use more spells. In my view of it, I see "more powerful cleric" as translating to "more experienced/devoted cleric" in that they are more experienced granting them the extra HP/skills, and more devote than lesser followers, granting them the more powerful spells/granting them more spells. Following this theory though, I don't understand how a cleric can gain "extra spells" from items and the like, since unless the item is directly a holy symbol of their deity or artifact of some kind, it shouldn't necesarily affect their number of spells.

At the same time, I can see it as saying that the cleric runs off of the divine energies of their deity to cast spells. In this way of viewing it, the clerics spells are crossing between the realms of mortal and divine/infernal instead of simply being a response from their prayers to a deity. Following this way of viewing it, the deity doesn't necesarily control the cleric's spells, but can decide whether or not said cleric is capable of casting spells by controlling the "flux" of divine energies, if you will, that grant the cleric access to spells. In this sense, wisdom directly works to influence the access a cleric has to their "spell pool" by giving them deeper understanding translating as a greater number of spells, but in the same way, they have limited "pools of energy" they can draw upon by their deity. The higher the level I.E. the stronger the cleric is, the more in-tune they are to their power source though rather than their deity itself, which makes less sense. The problem with this method though, is mostly that a cleric could potentially draw upon a god of death and destruction's power to cast heal to just as good of an extent as a more good-aligned cleric. Looking at it like this, frankly, I can see issues with how spells work, but allows magical items to give boosts to spell numbers.

Questions/comments? Like I said these are all my views but I was hoping to get this looked into maybe? Could work in a different way from anything I've come up with so far so its always good to ask.


It doesn't make much sense to me how clerics can get extra spell slots from typical magical items so I'm making a post regarding it.
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Cleric spells Empty Re: Cleric spells

Post  Fox on Tue Aug 16, 2011 8:15 pm

Regarding the Ring of Ur and similar magical items;

Clerics & Paladins are granted their spells at the discretion of their deity, the idea behind these various spellslot items is simply that they enhance one's connection to the divine across the Silver Weave, allowing a deity to grant, or a cleric to beseech, more spells. Consider this notion under a lens of thought - "My devout follower is in danger, but has already cast his three sixth circle spells today. I'll leave him to die Smile"

...Yeah. I'm not feeling it. Consider it something of a balancing inability to commune due to stressing one's connection to the weave - something most races possess innately, and learn to tap. See Tsochari for a race somewhat severed from the weave.

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