Ways to Get XP...

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Ways to Get XP...

Post  Amadahy on Wed Aug 24, 2011 4:48 am

No, this is not an announcement about an event. However, it is related to your IG experience...

Want to know how to gain some XP for your character? Well, here's a few ways, and more will get posted as things get finalized.

Post a clear, well written biography for your character. Bare in mind that if this involves anything farfetched (I'm a runaway fairy rockstar princess; The Greater Lich/Demon/Devil/Cthulu killed/has prisoner my entire family) then your chances of getting the XP reward are slim to nil, HOWEVER we will make a post on your biography and say it is too far fetched and ask you to tweak it.

If you feel you need some help, use the biography help section and one, or more, of us will be happy to help you work on it.

CHARACTER DESCRIPTIONS (The on-click view one.)
A fully written description of what people see when they look at your character, mannerisms, the package. It doesn't have to be his whole biography
If you just list his description (Hair : --- Eyes : --- Weight : --- etc) you will only get half the XP.
If you use both a written AND a list you will only get the higher of the two XP.

Stay tuned for more possibilities for XP growth through Character Development.


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