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Post  Kakashi on Crack on Wed Aug 24, 2011 9:58 am

*The Journal was black, likely leather-bound; its pages old, water-damaged, but clinging together none the less. Claire kept it on her person at all times, hidden underneath her robes in a large pocket she had designed, its shape only visible by the observant eye as the cloth used to make the robes was very heavy.*

Journal Entry, Date Unknown:

I found this journal abandoned in one of the shops, I think it will serve to record my experiences

I have arrived at a strange abandoned home after my arrival here on the island, I decided to keep my identity secret but I fear that I'm not necesarily good at disguising myself. Some of the residents looked at me strangely, some regarding me as being "too orderly." My memories still haven't come back...

Is this my punishment?


Journal Entry, Date Unknown:

It has been a few days since I arrived here, I've come to know some of the locals, and it seems that I will be in for a rough time recruiting more individuals. Food is scarce, and people moreso, those who have lived here are good at scavenging the ruined buildings, but I find it hard to find so much as a few pieces of bread, let alone a basket of fruit like I saw someone eating earlier...

The undead here are not like those used by clergy, they do not radiate with divine energy, nor do they seem to have the presence of magic around them from my limited knowledge.


Journal Entry, Date Unknown:

I have survived for seven moons now, and each night I grow slightly more restless. I long to spread the word of the Dark Lord, but know that the presence of so many against us makes it hard, nay, nearly impossible to do so without risking danger, possibly death. Still, I make my midnight prayers to him, hoping to gain his approval... Those around me have started to realize what I am, and it has been nearly pointless to hide myself. I go about those knowing my identity cautiously, lest a zealous fool try and attack me.

A rather strange looking dwarf gave me a scroll of ressurection, I wonder how one such as himself came accross such a powerful scroll...

Each night bits of my memory come back to me, as if the Black Lord plays with my very mind. I cannot seem to regain a full conscious memory of many things, only glimpses, perhaps one day I will be able to piece them together. It is hard to remember, only glimpses of my past see mto fill my mind, as if it were another being. Most of them seem to be related to religious gatherings, sacrifices, younglings joining the order... One in particular perhaps disturbs me, I see myself, blood, but before I can examine the memory thuroughly it blurrs out of my conscious.


*The next entry seems to have been hastily written in, as if they were excited*

Journal Entry, Next Day:

I met a few strange individuals today, I think I know what they are but its possible that it was a ruse. They were accompanied by some mad woman who must of thought she was some kind of alpha wolf-bitch or something along those lines... I dared not anger her as she had ripped out another woman's throat with her teeth, and I am thankful that the strange individuals were there as when she found out about my being a Banite, she seemed like she was about ready to attack. She thought I was there to corrupt her forest. What a strange thought; the undead have done that themselves, without my help, and besides... Nature can serve its purpouse when needed. Either way, I had hoped to revive the dead one for my own purpouses, but the others had beaten me to it.

Nonetheless, the smarter of the two individuals introduced himself, told me to find him if more begin to follow my deity. I was not sure what to think of this, but he seemed to watch my back when a group of adventurers found out about me. Perhaps he can be trusted? Perhaps not, he did seem to appraise me when speakign with his companion, and perhaps I should be more cautious in their presence...

With each day, I feel weaker from the searching, the running, but I appear stronger.


Journal Entry, Date Unknown:

Some of my memories returned to me last night, painful ones... I remember the tortures I endured to be made a full-fledged member of the clergy, the lives I took to appease Bane. That one memory, the blood had been my own...

*tear stains seem to have caused the ink to become smudged to the point where it is unreadable...*
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