Application for an Area to act as Vesur Kesten's home

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Application for an Area to act as Vesur Kesten's home Empty Application for an Area to act as Vesur Kesten's home

Post  Guest on Mon Oct 24, 2011 7:44 am

User Applying for the Personalised Area: XKCD Apostle

The area is called The Abandoned Lair, it's in the Underrealm.

The area is already prepared as a rest stop and is not really used by anyone, at least until Vesur's explorations underground and the subsequent exile there due to events between him and another character on the server occurred... (They know who they are!)

It really is two areas, a basement and the ground floor. The theme of the place is evil, so I have no issue if the d├ęcor needs changing, and I don't mind if you change the character's alignment to fit in with the theme. >:)

There is a portal inside the area, that is a one way ticket to the outside area (ancient volcanic tunnels) you need to be in to get to the Lair. The Lair is already kitted out with gates, and doors, no keys will be necessary, only an item to allow my character to teleport in once per day would be required. Though if a key is preferred, I have no issue with that being the means to enter the lair.

The key would need to only open the lair's main door, as the outside gates are operated by switches.

Now for the reasoning why I think Vesur would have the key/teleportation rod:

- Vesur would find the said key in the drawers of the luxurious room in the basement barracks with the gates already unbarred and unguarded and no guardians to stop him, allowing him to take up occupancy, for the teleportation rod, Vesur would enchant a bone to be in sync with the portal in the basement temple, utilising it's power to allow him to travel to and from there or the rod is symbolic of his use of a teleportation spell to get to the lair.

- The scripting requirements for both is negligible, the builder requirements are less for the teleportation rod, more for the key.

Now, why would Vesur want to be in this lair?

-Firstly, Terrance Shadowfist is the psychotic gentleman on the server that Vesur is ticked off with and Terrance would say the same of Vesur (a bit more strongly though), the difference between them is Vesur wouldn't use a knife on Terrance... So a lair underground is probably the safest place to be.

-Vesur found the area through exploration of the underrealm, as he sought a new safe place to call home after deciding to openly break his voluntary confinement in the Boarded House, with access to Aeotvigar for food, Vesur can quite easily live there, wihout too much fear of the upside world.

-As a Dwarf, Vesur would feel more comfortable in an underground place, regardless of the evil heritage the lair holds.

I look forward to any member of the team's reply and any recommendations they may have on the application.



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