A reminder seems to be needed - Read this, it is your ONLY warning.

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A reminder seems to be needed - Read this, it is your ONLY warning.  Empty A reminder seems to be needed - Read this, it is your ONLY warning.

Post  Amadahy on Thu Oct 27, 2011 4:29 pm

It would seem that people haven't figured out that logging in under another persons account is against server rules. Yes, I'm aware how easy it is. Come November this issue will be dealt with involving some new coding, the only reason it's not in place yet was for the seasonal stuff I am running.

However, last night I noticed I logged into the server. Now this wouldn't be so bad, if I was actually logged into the server, but I was not, I was looking at the server client window that tells me who's on.

I did a bit of looking at the logs. I have found the person who did it. No harm was done, this time, but that is beyond the point. It is a REGULAR PLAYER who logged in with my account. Both CDKeys and IP addresses match.

Please people remember, I can see the logs, I can track the logs, I will spend three hours going through them when something like this happens just to find out who did it. And then, there will be banning. no ifs and or buts.

This is the only warning I will give on this subject. If you are caught logging into an account that is not your own, you will be banned. There will be no refunds. I don't care if you're the oldest most loyal player on the server. Unless the person who's account it is asks me to forgive you THEN and ONLY THEN will I even THINK about removing the ban.

Ignorance is not an excuse. If I hear even one person say "Oh, but I didn't know I couldn't log in with some other person's account" I will ignore you utterly. This is COMMON HUMAN COURTESY PEOPLE!!!!

That is all.


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