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Post  Fox on Sun Jun 19, 2011 1:53 am

Now open for posting!

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Attention! Empty Re: Attention!

Post  Amadahy on Wed Aug 24, 2011 5:16 am

So, let's expand on this Attention Thread shall we?

What should be in your biography to get you those tastey tastey Experience Points?

For starters, a bit of information on your character is always useful. Although you don't have to include a description (You should have that in the On-Click look up anyways) it never hurts.

Now, if you're kinda stumped on what sort of information you should include, try answering some or all of these questions and build on that.

What did he do before the outbreak?
Who was his family?
Is he native to Siranda?
If not native, what brought him here?
What was he doing during the outbreak?
How has he survived so long on his own?
What brought him to where he met other survivors?
What caused him to behave the way he does?
How did he get that scar/tatoo/twitch/stutter?

Remember, you don't have to get crazy ornate with this, he doesn't have to have a big bad evil after him. In fact, we kind of encourage against the big bad evils. Remember, you do start the game as level 1. Most big bad epic evils aren't going to be after a lvl 1.

Also remember there's always a possibility that something might show up in the game related to your biography. If you DO NOT want your biography to be used in a future plot/mini event please add that to the beginning or end of your biography and we won't do anything with it. THIS IS NO GUARANTEE it will be used, just a possibility.


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