Grimtooth The Hunter

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Grimtooth The Hunter

Post  Renegade93 on Tue Apr 26, 2011 12:11 pm

Username: _Renegade93_

Race Desired: Gnoll


Gnoll Model (Naturally)
+4 Strength
+2 Constitution
-2 Intelligence
-2 Charisma
+1 Natural AC
Gnoll Language
Commmon Language
Drow Language (Requested on part of background)
Bonus to Spot Check (Requested on part of background, trained enhanced smell)

*CRACK* The whip stings the flesh and blood trickles down, entangeling the fur through which it runs. How long has it been? How long has it been since he was brought here to this.. hell hole. There are dark fleshed elves here.. darker than the blackness of the underdark itself, or so they appear. They brought him here so long ago, the days stretched into weeks, the weeks into monthes, the monthes into years.. with nothing to accompany him but the sound of a painful whip, breaking fur and flesh alike. It doesn't hurt anymore, they don't do it as often anymore, so long as he does what they say they leave him to his misery. Though.. can one call this misery? They feed him.. they let him live.. by this time, had he not been found by the drow he would have died hungry and miserable in the hole in which they came upon him. When he regained his strength he was not a cooperative one, they liked that. It gave them pleasure to slowly break the will of one so strong. He was indeed strong.. so strong in fact that in the first few sessions an amount of drow were killed proportionate to the amount that entered his pen. He would bite into them and tear flesh from bone, he would eat the remains in a valient show of defiance, but the drow were smart. They figured him out eventually and so they entered his pen with a small army of a guard force and tie him to a post where they would leave him for days without food until he finally was brought to his knees begging as a result of the compulsion of his empty gut. Then they muzzled him.. there would be no biting. Still they gave him a name, the only name he knew for himself now.. it has been so long without his tribe that he has forgotten his real name and now only knows the one given to him by his drow masters.. Grimtooth.

Several years later...

*CRACK* The sound would echo through his head each time the caravan hit a bump on the path, his eyes burned as they left the underdark. He eyed the shambling undead that walked about aimlessly. Each time they got too close to the Caravan one would hear the twang of a crossbow followed by the thumping of the zombie's body against the ground. Grimtooth was free.. but only in minor context. He was free from his cage and muzzle but he had a task about him. He was to hunt a heretic drow that had escaped his masters some monthes ago, the inquisition had finally found her and she had escaped and now it was his task to hunt her down and kill her. He is trained now, they say. He will not defy us, they say. They are sure of themselves so they release the hounds of war. Many parties of inqusition were dispersed around the surface to find this heretic, but he was the only gnoll. They sent him alone with nothing but an escourt to see him to his desination. They knew that if he found her, with that blood hound nose of his, he would tear her to shreds. That is what he was trained for and wether he returned or not was none of their concern. He was free.. but only in minor context. He was free fom his cage and muzzle but he had a task about him. Only when this task was complete would he truely be free, he is Grimtooth, The Hunter.


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Re: Grimtooth The Hunter

Post  Fox on Tue Apr 26, 2011 9:45 pm

Loving the story of it all, so I'm going to say yes. It could be better, but it's hardly the worst I've seen, and accounts for his tribal instincts, how he lost them, how he got here, and everything. Enjoy your Gnoll, get in touch and we'll see about putting him together.

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