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.: Name :.
Jennifer Mars

.: Alias :.

.: Birthday :.
July the 18th

.: Age :.

.: Eye color :.

.: Hair color :.
A very, dirty blonde.

.: Height :.

.: Weight :.
Heh... funny.

.: Blood Type :.

.: Likes :.
-Heavy armour
-Death (Of annoying people)
-Just a tad bit of pain...

.: Dislikes :.
-Blunt weapons
-Living annoying people
-Too much pain...
-Deaths of close people
-The rain
-Spoiled Food

.: Family :.

.: Sexual Orientation :.

.: Relationship Status :.
In a Relationship

.: Tattoos :.

.: Friends / Foes (Completly Outdated.... Mostly):.
Rated on a -10 to 10 Scale
-10 Being Hate, 10 Being Love

Terrance Shadowfist-( 8 )

Sin-( 7 )

Eli'nal Featherborn-( 4 )

Jamie Rolands-( 9 )

Ven Davidson-( 1 )

Rithredia Sian-( 7 )

Kathrynn-( 10 )

Alge Gaislef-( -2 )

Maven-( 6 )

Anna Celine-( 0 )

Ashard-( 3 )

Rant-( -6 )

Jason Stone( -3 )

Silk-( 3 )

Leonard Willey-( 4 )

Alexander DeMorte-( 6 )

Lucrecia Grey-( 7 )

Katja Svet-( 8 )

Rose-( 9 )

Rastan Cain-( 6 )

Before that which was the outbreak, Jennifer was a vicious warrior. She would kill anyone that stood in her path and without second thought about it. She worked as a merc. and a soldier for the City of Kalaram before the Outbreak, racking in quite the fine amount of money and equipment before it. Though, even further back, Jenn lived up in the harsh, Mount Faeloth.

As a young child, Jennifer grew accustomed to the harsh living conditions of Faeloth though, she grew to love it's snow. Her family was the closest thing she had to any friends though, as they lived far away from society. This fact though, caused the kind-hearted Jenn's core to slowly rot though. She began to think her family was intolerable. She constantly drew pictures of their deaths, wicked and cruel ones at that.

Jenn bottled this rage in those drawings for a very long time until when she finally reached the age of 16, leaving the house to go out on her own. This is when she began to work around as the Reaper of Souls, killing all in her path. Later on during her life, Jenn would soon learn a valuable lesson though.

At the age of 18, the outbreak slowly began to spread. Jennifer's family constantly wrote letters to her asking for her to return home, back to her sweet, loving family. Her mother, father, and siblings, they all missed her dearly and only wanted her safety. After nearly 6 months of the outbreak had passed, Jenn began to notice things, very, very bad things. She noticed the zombification slowly, nay, rapidly spreading about. She returned home with just the slightest concern for her family, yet, it was only a small moment too late.

As Jennifer entered her home atop the mountain, torch in hand, she saw a dastardly sight. Her family was being consumed by a small horde of the undead, right before her eyes. Jennifer's face couldn't help but turn into a grin, a very, wicked grin. One of her drawings had finally been depicted by reality, and the grin remained plastered onto her face. She evacuated the house quickly, the save herself. She then looked to her torch and cackled. She pulled in back and then chucked into at the wooden house, the wind pausing at just the right moment in time. The house immediately burst up and into flames, burning and killing all who resided inside of it along with all of her equipment that she had accidently brought and left inside of the house.

Thus, Jennifer aged on as the infection slowly spread about her, launching across the world before her very eyes. She hid for a good many months, working as a Part-Time Guard while they were still functioning fairly well. Through her time with the guard, she mustered up the courage necessary to begin fighting off the undead hordes and she carried that up to current day, though, she did lose a few things along the way. One of those things... her extreme lust for blood.


.:OOC Stuff:.



.:Favored Weapon:.

.:Base Stats:.
Strength-( 16 )
Dexterity-( 14 )
Constitution-( 16 )
Intelligence-( 8 )
Wisdom-( 8 )
Charisma-( 14 )

.:Base Attack Bonus:.

.:Base Armor Class:.

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