Karsperus, The Scourge of Midfeld

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Karsperus, The Scourge of Midfeld

Post  Penquisitor on Fri Jul 08, 2011 11:05 am

Username: Penquisitor

Race: Half-Fiend

Traits: Size and Type: The creature's type changes to Outsider. Do not recalculate Hit Dice, Base Attack Bonus, or Saves. Size is unchanged. Half-Fiends are normally Native Outsiders.

Speed: A Half-Fiend has Bat Wings. Unless the base creature has a better fly speed, the creature can fly at the base creature's base land speed (Average Maneuverability)

AC +1

Attack: A half-fiend has two claw attacks and a bite attack, and the claws are the primary natural weapon. If the base creature can use weapons, the half-fiend retains this ability. A half-fiend fightning without weapons uses a claw when making an attack action. When it has a weapon, it usually uses the weapon instead.

Full Attack: A half-fiend fightning without weapons uses both claws and it's bite when making a full attacked. If armed with a weapon, it usually uses the weapon as it's primary attack and its bite as a natural secondary attack. If it has a hand free, it uses a claw as an additional natural secondary attack.

Damage: 1d6 Bite Damage, 1d4 Claw Damage.

Half-Fiends have Special Attacks and Spell-Like Abilities, but further in this story, Karsperus loses his access to the Divine and Arcane weaves, and thus, these abilities are stripped from him.

Special Qualities: Darkvision out to 60 feet
Immunity to Poison
Resitance to Acid 10, cold 10, electricity 10 and fire 10
Damage reduction 10/Magic
A Half-Fiend's natural weapons are treated as Magic Weapons
Spell Resistance equal to Creature's HD + 10 (Maximum of 35)

Abilities: STr+4 Dex +4 Con +2 Int+4 Cha+2

LA +4

Alignment: Neutral Evil

Backstory: The story is usually the same. A demon is summoned to the prime by cultists seeking to apease their demonic lord, be it Graazt, Jubilex or even the White Mother of the Obyriths, said demon slaughters them all once he enters the prime, then proceeds to spread chaos, and somewhere in it's path, it finds a woman whom it decides to rape. And thus, since that demonic spawn is created, the bloodlines that goes on is tainted.
That is the Story of Karsperus. He was a Half-Fiend, born from that sinfull ocurrence. And he wasn't even Tanar'ri. He was Obyrith, which made his uprising that much more difficult. He suffered from mental conditions, Madness, his blood was tainted and so was his soul and body by the Obyrithian Bloodline, the first Demons to appear in the beggining of time, and sadly, that was too much for his mind to carry.
The Tale of Karsperus is one of epic proportions, one that extends between thousands of years, and that is known to those who pay attention to the happenings of the Lower Planes. His childhood was spent in the wilderness, even as a Baby, he was still a Half-Fiend, and as such he could survive on his own due to the Demonic traits he had inherited from his ancient bloodline. He grew as a wild beast, that was eventually captured by Thayan slavers when he reached the age of 15.
However, Karsperus wasn't fit to be a Slave, he was far too chaotic, far too strong from the average fragile slave. And he was insane aswell. In fact, ever since he had been brought in the number of Slaves had started to decrease from Karsperus' random disposition and Bloodthirst, which led them to instead use him in the arena, the only place he could be of use.
He was penned with the Lions and the other monsters at first, since the Thayans didn't consider Karsperus a person, and to be completely frank he actually wasn't. He stood 6'2'', covered in scales, with claws secreting a deadly poison, wings and a Tail that he could still use as a weapon. When in Combat, he'd fling himself at gladiators with a complete disregard for safety, and once on them he would flail them alive. Those that managed to escape his charge, soon fell by his Demonic Poison. A Half-Fiend was something not to be trifled with, mainly when it was one like Karsperus, of Obyrithian Bloodline.
He was eventually moved into the Gladiator Quarters. Karsperus was inteligent, and he could speak Common, but having never met humans before he just killed them like he had any other beast. Once he saw their society he started to develop some interest, and his change in behaviour eventually allowed the Thayans to recognize him as an inteligent being. And due to the entertainment he offered the crowd, he was allowed to have a social standing of sorts. Eventually he became bored, and flew away from Thay, to see if he could discover more about this world.
His travels were many, and his infamy only grew, along with his power. Most of his stories however happened in Midfeld, a city located in the Archipelago 'Field of Dreams', just off the Luskan Coast. Although, not many relate them however for one simple reason.
The Day Karsperus arrived in Midfeld he took a new name. Razer McVaine. The reason why was that by this time, Razer was being hunted down. He left behind him a trail of corpses, and the Order of Illumination wanted his head for Ur-Priestery, not to mention the very fact that he was a fiend. In this place, Razer met many people who for some reason seemed to accept him. Truth be told, Field of Dreams had a variety of races concentrated there. It was ruled by two Vampires, Archadius and Logan, and between the people he met were tieflings, Dream Larvas, Alienists, Ur-Priests, Blood Mages, Far Realmers, Baatezu, Tanar'ri, Liches. . .Razer nearly met every race existant in the Realms, and learned much from them. It's where he started taking an interest in the outer planes, and his inheritance. And when he started to become a Planar Champion and gaining mastery in Planar Travel. It's also where the focus of this story is located, for there a cult was intending to bring Gra'azt, a Demon Prince, to the prime.
The whole group that Razer had met, tried to stop this. Razer didn't much care, but he sticked around to watch them try and fail, and for any attempt at Mischief. Their fight eventually brought them to the Abyss, to Graz'zt's iron citadel. And once being identified as an Half-Fiend of Obyrithian Bloodline, Razer was the one who had to suffer through Graz'zt's torment, while the rest of the group just walked away freely. He, had been there out of curiosity. And yet, he was the one who was attacked, not his peers, many of which had stated their intention to halt the Demon Prince. Luckly, some of the people on the group decided to use the Banishment spell to return to the prime, and since Razer was Native to the Prime, he ended up being saved as colateral damage.
And so began Razer's Feud with Gra'azt the Demon Prince. At this point in time, Razer had already become a being of significant power, enough that the very deities were starting to pay notice to his presence. Firstly, he was an Ur-Priest, second, he had broken through the barrier that separated mortal from god (Level 20), and finally, he was starting to gain an influence in the Lower Planes as the Chaotic being that he was.
He spent some of his time in the Abyss, but away from Graz'zts planes. Forcing demons into his service, and humans that followed other Planar Champions that were there to take part in the Blood War. He hunted down several heroes, for nothing more than their artifacts, and started even crafting his own. It reached a point, where Razer's power equaled that of Graz'zt, if not surpassed it. He eventually marched on the 43rd Layer of the Abyss. His army consisted with demons of significant rank, some Balors were even serving under him, as the Half-Fiend cut his path to Graz'zts citadel to take the throne. But, Razer forgot to take one thing into consideration, the fact that Graz'zt had followers, while he did not. Graz'zt was considered a deity, and as of such, he could manipulate the plane around him at his will. And once Razer stepped up to actually fight him, Graz'zt altered reality. Razer's powers were stripped away. His connection to the divine severed, the years of experience he had harnessed, gone, his magical artifacts cut off from Mystra's weave, and his very demonic heritage surpressed, losing many of his innate abilities, even if not all. Now, he was at Graz'zts mercy. But, death was an easy way out. Instead, Graz'zt sent him back to the prime, to let him suffer. Something to which Razer simply replied. "I'll be back."
Back in the prime, Razer's rage was imense. Graz'zt knew well enough that this was a torment for him, to have all of his powers taken away and be sent back in his path to the throne. But he would recover that which he had lost, and so he traveled to the Land of Siranda, where he knew an old friend waited for him, one that could perhaps be of some help.

Edit: On a side note. This is the biography of a character I have been playing in several servers since I actually started roleplaying in NWN. For this server, I have stripped him of all his abilities through a Demon Prince's intervention, with Alter Reality, and placed him in a situation where a Wish or Miracle spell won't get them back, since Mystra won't let the wish spell be used, while Deities won't allow their clerics to use Miracle. And being cut off from the weaves, he cannot use magic, be it Divine or Arcane.
The only thing he'll have that'll differ him from some of the other characters, is a vast backstory, that from the Field of Dreams bit forwards, was what happened in the servers I've played ;P (besides actually fightning against Graz'zt and getting his powers taken away, that never happened.)

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Re: Karsperus, The Scourge of Midfeld

Post  DrThor on Sat Jul 09, 2011 12:25 am

I've been waiting for this to happen, dude. It's got a green light from me, lol. Twisted Evil

Makes me wish I could revisit the old days, almost. Perhaps I can bring an old character back myself, actually...

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Re: Karsperus, The Scourge of Midfeld

Post  Amadahy on Sat Jul 09, 2011 6:10 am

that is reasonable.

wish granted.


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Re: Karsperus, The Scourge of Midfeld

Post  Fox on Mon Jul 11, 2011 11:14 pm

Having roleplayed with this character for years, I can officiate this as accepted.

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Re: Karsperus, The Scourge of Midfeld

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