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A bit of stray Parchment Empty A bit of stray Parchment

Post  Guest on Thu Aug 04, 2011 11:39 pm

*Found in the house, you come across a bit of parchment, on it is an illustration and words, the Illustration is an eye-catching picture of a poverty stricken orphan, the words read below*

--No Longer Shall You be Alone.

--No Longer Shall You be Hungry.

--No Longer Shall You Lack Purpose.

Join the ######.

*With the last word scribbled out, you cannot tell what it is that wants you to join them, but your attention is focused on the image, that seems to look worse as you read each line, as though each bullet-point makes the poor child embody the point, being alone, then in the throes of starvation and finally the dread at lacking a reason to live*


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