Notable Locations on the Island

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Notable Locations on the Island

Post  Fox on Sun Jun 19, 2011 3:03 am

Annedhel – Built about a small Oasis, shortly into the desert that formed much of the Isle's southern sector, Annedhel stood strong, a producer of arms, lacking much of the necessary climate to grow such as crops. Unsurprisingly, this inability to grow crops, and interbreeding with the many, somewhat barbaric nomad tribes of the great desert beyond the stone walls of their hardy little town.

With the coming of the darkness, the great plague, Annedhel was among the strongest of the towns, in a militaristic sense, and thus was perhaps the best prepared of them all when the undead found their way to their walls. The battle was long, and bloody, with a significant number of the walking dead felled in the sands, but in the end, their resistance was to no avail, as their former leader, now become the Lord of Anarchy, spearheaded the final charge that broke their vanguard.

Baraban – One of the smaller towns by far, Baraban was a small farming village, more than a town, but still afforded a lordship within the small island kingdom. While Baraban was naught special, it's main produce crops & common peasant folk, it was possessed of the famed Sirandan Library, a reasonably large structure which housed much in the way of local folklore & knowledge. It is no secret that the king's former vassal, the Lord of Decay, was an avid scholar within this library, and frequents there still.

Lying on the northern coast of the Island, Baraban finds itself markedly close to the somewhat aristocratic town of Dakuto, and the Grand Oak, a legendary druidic site where Silvanus the Oakfather himself was said to have planted the sapling that gave rise to it.

Castle Siranda – Constructed deep within the centre of the Ringwood, the concentric forest that rings about the vast majority of the isle, Castle Siranda was something of a political hub, where the High Court met frequently in order to debate the future of the Isle, presided over by the King and his seven Lords. With the initial eruption of the great plague here in the castle's halls, claiming the life of the very king himself first, the castle is an irrevocably haunted place, troubled as much by the ghosts of the past as by the zombies.

Dakuto – A smaller of the towns, Dakuto was home of the esteemed aristocracy, though many had grown corrupt and lazy since the times of yore in which the nobility were the chosen of Lathander. Long since had their faith decayed, and vows had been broken. A relatively sleepy and quiet place, it is perhaps most shocking that this is where the Cult of Nerull were rumoured to have their basis. It is here where the wealthiest of the vassals, the Lord of Fear, once ruled.

Eledhreth – A small town in the west, possessed of a peculiar micro-climate, most likely magical in nature. It is here that the faithful of deities such as Helm & Tyr often congregated, finding solace in the ice and snow without being forced to trek over the isle's mountain.

Eledhreth has always found itself possessed of a kind of quiet, meditative peace, and happiness of the soul. So it is unsurprising that the former vassal who commanded this place became the Lady of Sorrow.

Faeloth – The village of Faeloth is so named after the mountain upon which it stands. A small place, high up the mountain with minimal commerce, it was always a quiet, conservative village, frequented by the aristocracy for their hunting holidays. Little of note is to be found there, but for the small temple-monastery where those who pursued a more spiritual course were oft to be found in prayer or training.

Kalaram – The largest town upon the isle, Kalaram is situated on the eastern coast, and well known for it's ship building and masonry, as such crafts were strongly encouraged therein. It was a densely populated town, and perhaps the greatest supply of bodies to walk among the other dead.

With it's great docks district and access to the ocean, Kalaram was a prime place for fishermen, mariners and migrants of all walks of life entering and leaving Siranda. Among Siranda's townships, Kalaram was second only to Annedhel in terms of the forces it produced, being well known for it's disciplined, well-equipped and able guardsmen. Understandably however, it was far better defended, given it's walled nature and dedicated force of soldiers. It was all irrelevant in the end, as like Annedhel, Kalaram's defense fell victim to it's former lord, now the Lord of Madness.

Ludor – A small trading town noted for it's scholars and goodly folk, many of whom were aspirant wizards, Ludor was, while perhaps not as great as Kalaram, a staple centre of barter and commerce, though primarily their goods purchased were agricultural or academic in nature, with little being dedicated to trade-skills or militarism, beyond the necessary such as the Guards' equipment. While far from his once benevolent and peaceful roots, it is here where the Lady of Anguish was ruler.

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