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Post  insanity91 on Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:10 am

Ok here an event i just thought of

Long ago there was a wizard (havent thought of the name yet) always seeking greed and power he lived in a city where many did not like him,he was always trying to find some way to become powerful and one day he was in his workshop with a window open over hearing 2 towns folk speaking of a myth they had heard once about a creature from inside a rift that would grant you imortality. So the wizard was already trying to learn how to break through time and space,he had buit a machine that would possibly rip a hole in space therefore he had cast a spell to activate it,as it started up sparks flew papers were cast around the room then after a moment past by a small glow would appear growing in rate as it grew big enough a sudden explosion the wizard was foced to the floor looking away,after the explosion was over he turns back to the machine was destroyed,he was mad that it didnt work then a voice spoke looking behind him a creature that stood 5ft tall pointy ears a long tail and claws sharper than a sword its skin was blue as the ocean it had called itself (Bendgof)a creature from the rip the wizard had made. The wizard wanted imortality and th creature told him he could have it but at a price imortality for his soul,the wizard agreed and so forth they both sprang havoc and chaos through out many cities and town destroyin everthing making people his slave and for those whoe resisted were slaughtered. After many years of destruction another wizard cast away the creature the along with the imortal wizard for eternity with a spell,and the only way to bring both back is with that spell but it was hidden and locked away from then on and the wizard who had hide past away from old age

ok that was an idea and a young wizard aprrentice had found the scroll wit the spell he wasnt suppose to do magic un supervized but he did any way and unleashed the 2 once more into the world and the only way to stop the wizard is to kill the creature.

so there it is and if anyone has anyidea to and or change anything go ahead i aint the best stroy teller or event creator there is.

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Event idea Empty Re: Event idea

Post  Fox on Sat Jul 23, 2011 10:38 am

Generic Hamatula loose in the prime after being summoned by Wizard and soul traded etc etc.

Thank you for the thoughtfulness, but no thank you for the idea.

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Event idea Empty Horde of Carrion

Post  Guest on Thu Aug 04, 2011 2:34 am

I hope that this undigested idea will satisfy the DMs enough for them to use it, however knowing that I may not cover what they want I would like to summarise the points that I thought would make this idea work for an event:

-Easy to implement (the main part, some details can be omitted)
-Only the beginning is defined, I leave the ending and how it progresses to the teller of the story
-Gives an IC reason for why all the players will want to be involved

To summarise the event's story or beginning. The idea is that a mass of undead that has been limping/walking/marching/moving around the land to finish off any who are still alive. They do so because they are seeking the meat of fresh flesh, and with so little around they band in locations that show the presence of their dinner and move on once they pick that location/town/city/village clean.

Here is an excerpt from the written down idea I have:
Roars of Behemoths and the groans of the restless lost souls echo from Ringwood.
The Horde of Carrion look for the last pickings in Kalaram's Last Survivors.

The tree's filter the Undead Masses, as they limp, drag or force broken limbs to
begin their feeding frenzy.

Broken limbs and dragged ankles on pavement signal the coming of the Horde's
vanguard. Standards embedded into their spines, the creatures draw speed from
the magic's concealed in the corrupt banner's decaying fabric. They hasten to
begin the feed.

Should the idea tickle your fancy I can provide more food for thought.
Otherwise I hope that this will aid you should you need get a few ideas to provide an event for us in the future.



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Event idea Empty Re: Event idea

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