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Aasimar Information

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Graceful, regal & noble, Aasimars are the distant descendants of a coupling between a Human & a good-aligned outsider. While nowhere near as powerful as their celestial forebears, Aasimars still retain a touch of the divine in their blood and wear it with pride. Devoted champions of good, Aasimars spend their days fighting evil in whatever form it takes. In a world of violence, injustice & evil, Aasimars are on the front lines, lending their abilities where needed. Some try to stave off evil by teaching and lead by example in the fight against ignorance, prejudice & greed. Others present an aloof and lofty demeanour, an intimidating aura that, while noble, keeps people from trying to get too close. Among good people, Aasimars are held in high opinion as a standard by which all should live, while those of an evil nature view Aasimars as self-righteous and dangerously moralistic.


Aasimars practically radiate good will and a positive attitude. Most Aasimars are kind, pleasant and approachabl. However, some project a crusading zeal and sense of purpose that can be daunting and unapproachable- hearkening to the vengeful, judgemental aspect of their celestial ancestor. Few Aasimars crave the limelight, and they shun positions of authority, except in instances where they can lead by example.

Physical Description

From a distance, Aasimars appearas standard Humans. Up close, their celestial bloodline shines through in their tall stature and attractive features. Some bear a minor physical trait that highlights their celestial nature, such as silver or golden hair, mettalic eyes, or a rich, melodic voice. Humanoids find Aasimars aesthetically pleasing and watch them with admiration.


Aasimars maintain excellent relations with beings of good alignment. They are found primarily among humans, but they also assosciate with elves, dwarves and good aligned humanoids. They are extremely stern and dissaproving toward evil beings of all kinds and do not willingly deal with orcs, goblins & other races noted for their evil alignment. Aasimars are extremely suspicious of half-orcs, but they can overlook blood or upbringing if an individual proves that he leads a life of good and honour. Aasimars treat one another with respect and friendship, seeing other Aasimars as cousins united in the cause of good. However, if they encounter an Aasimar who has fallen to evil, they become frightful to behold in their anger and righteous indignation.


Blood infused with the powers of the celestial realms virtually guarantees that Aasimars are good in alignment, although individuals vary wildly in their interpretation and may favour lawful or chaotic behaviour. In extremely rare instances, an Aasimar turns from good, becoming neutral or even evil. Fallen Aasimars live as hunted beings, reviled by their own kind for betraying the blood that flows through their veins.

Aasimar Lands

Aasimars are relatively few in number and do not hold any lands of their own. Most are loners, wandering from place to place and providing aid and good deeds when needed. Others integrate themselves more thoroughly into human society, although their predilection for action and good deeds mean that they rarely take up a sedentary vocation.


The indisputable fact of their celestial ancestry leads Aasimars to become deeply devoted beings who feel a personal connection with a particular deity. Even those who do not become Paladins (their favoured class) are profoundly religious and forthright in their faith. While they are not prone to proselytizing, by words and action, Aasimars show the power and righteousness of their deity to those who have not yet seen the light & truth that they experience themselves.


Aasimars speak Common and have an intuitive understanding of Celestial from birth. Aasimars learn a variety of languages to assist them as they wander the world in their quest for good.


Aasimars are given names appropriate for the area and society in which they were raised. The majority, raised by human parents, bear human names. Some adopt a more celestial-sounding name on reaching adulthood to demonstrate their devotion to their deity and to the cause of good.

Male names

Exelar, Henzio, Mortibal, Overmar, Sentalial, Vitarri.

Female Names

Alleria, Eretri, Irethia, Marenthial, Savial, Terim


Aasimars readily take to the adventuring lifestyle. Many become paladins, acting as righteous tools of their deity. Clerics are nearly as common, followed by fighters. Lawful Aasimars find a monk's discipline very appealing. Blessed with a naturally high charisma, some Aasimars become sorcerors and bards. Aasimars dislike the pragmatic deceitfulness of rogues & barbarian Aasimars are almost unheard of.

Aasimar Racial Traits

+2 Wisdom, +2 Charisma.

Outider Type

Medium Size


Daylight 1/day

Automatic languages - Common & Celestial

Favoured Class - Paladin

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