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Post  Fox on Mon Jun 20, 2011 6:44 pm

Rule 1: Try to stay in-character. Sure, we're people, we enjoy talking about that funny thing our dog did, or those politician jokes you just have to share, but this is a Roleplaying server. As a result, let's try to keep the focus on roleplaying. If you have to go OOC, please use some kind of flag to signify that you're not speaking in character. Add two slashes (//) in front of it, put the phrase "OOC:" in front, or just do anything that's clear and effective. Repeated ignorance of these rules can resort in a warning, or even getting booted, so please try to follow them.

It's encouraged to react to things done in character accordingly. If something happens to your character? React in kind. Don't just ignore it. As an off note of this, if you're playing a subrace or something that requires some specific RP (You can find Subrace profiles on our forums.), please follow the guidelines and restrictions on such. These will be enforced.

Rule 2: As an expansion of the first rule, if your character dies, they're dead. That's part of a Roleplay server. Do not go back to your player vault and make a new character with the same name, as this is not allowed. Also, do not remake your current character even if they're still alive, just because you gave them a useless skill or feat, or something. This is no excuse for such. Hey, not everyone's prepared for a zombie apocalypse, end of the world type thing.

Rule 3: Your character's name must be realistic and reasonable. No general, non-name titles (Such as "Fighter" or "The Man"), no names with titles (Such as "Ro'fel the Destroyer"), and no names from popular culture (Such as "Harry Potter", "Drizzt Do'Urden", or "Orlando Bloom"). However, names without a surname are fine. Good examples of names would be ones such as "Xaldon Kreth", "Rundalus", or "Saul De'Roe". Be creative!

...And please don't use the sample names.

Rule 4: We encourage you to make a background for your character, like what they did before they outbreak, et cetera. However, nobody knows the cause of the undead outbreak, so if you claim knowledge to the contrary, then you are simply lying in character.

Rule 5: Party chat is an IN-CHARACTER channel, unlike many RP servers. As a result, you can't actually become a part of a party unless you have a Ring of Telepathic Link. Speaking on Party Chat is considered communicating through a telepathic link to others in your link. Unless, of course, you precede it with OOC markers. See Rule 1 for more information on these.

Tells can also be used as in-character chat. Simply make sure to identify it as such, make sure the other person knows that it's in-character. Unlike Party Chat, Tells are not in-character by default, so make sure to identify it as such if you're using them for that. And, of course, it can only be used for such if both members are in the same party, and as a result, both wearing telepathic rings.

Rule 6: Pickpocketing has been banned due to being exploited for purposes alike to outright griefing and generally to distress other players, rather than for any actual personal gain.

Rule 7: Transferring equipment from one of your characters to another is a bannable offense. Whether by using a chest or other container, or "muling" by using another person's help to do it, it doesn't matter. It isn't allowed, so don't do it. Period.

Rule 8: Don't do anything in the way of "metagaming", which is roleplaying knowledge in-character you know from out-of-character that your character would not. An example would be the locations of a secret location or meeting. Also, do not participate in "godgaming", which is roleplaying your character has abnormally strong or unusual abilities they would not realistically be able to do. For example, flying. Unless you have wings or there's some other, DM approved reason you could fly, you can't do it. So don't roleplay like you can do such, or similar powerful or unusual abilities.

Rule 9: Advertising is not allowed, either through tells or otherwise. Plain and simple. Ignorance of this rule may resort in warnings, or booting.

Rule 10: Unlike many servers, the Shout channel is actually usable by the playerbase. This does /not/ mean we wish for you to use it often, as it's only used by players on rare occurrences. Do not spam this channel. If you want to use it for a valid reason, you may request to do such to a DM and they can decide whether or not it's alright for that circumstance. Otherwise? Don't use it.

Rule 11: Make sure to respect the DM Team. They're doing their job willingly, and as volunteers. It's not like they get paid. The DM Team has final say in every decision, and basically play the part of judges when need be. If they make a request of you, please keep respectful and try to comply. If you have a problem with a member of the DM Team, you can feel free to give a complaint to the administrator, or another senior member of the team. We listen well.

However, we also keep in communication with each other. While we will keep what you say confidential (We don't gossip or go behind your back, don't worry.), do not come to one DM trying to get a different answer on something that another DM already made a decision to. We aren't easily manipulated, and keep a very detailed communication with each other to prevent such things. If you just remain reasonable and have some respect for the staff, there really shouldn't be any problems with this rule.

Rule 12: If two players are disagreeing on something, whether it be if something's within the rules, or something regarding the server's lore, roleplaying methods, or some such, please ask a DM for their opinion. Again, the DMs have final judgment on such things, so please try to respect the decisions made.

Rule 13: Different to the rule of old, all gear may be worn at any level. However, to acquire it the full Spire and Gelzburg dungeons must be completely cleared to gain access to their vaults. If you attempt to skip parts of the dungeon, you will find yourself in for reprisal when you need the DM to take you to the vault.

Rule 14: Do not exploit any loopholes that may be found in these above rules. As stated a couple times before, DMs have final authority, and as a result may take action if they feel you are abusing a flaw in the rules.

Rule 15: All characters with special subraces, templates, powers etc must be applied for. This includes creatures such as Aasimars, Duergar & Half-Ogres etc. If you know what you're doing, not only will you be allowed to play the creature, you will recieve the relevant statistic changes. If you don't, then you won't get to play it, simply put.

Just try to use some common sense, be respectful, and don't take small things too seriously, and you probably will not have any problems with the rules. If you have any questions regarding these guidelines, ask a DM and they will be happy to elaborate on them in more detail, if need be. That's about all that needs to be said for these, so thanks for paying attention!

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